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Problems playing sound files?

A few known issues playing the sound files have been brought to my attention...updated 5/17/2012.

1.) Apple users using Safari (and some iPhone users), do not seem to always get the latest version of the page by default. If you are getting outdated link errors, you need to clear your cache, and refresh the page (Command-R) to get the latest updates. I have heard of people viewing cached (computer stored) versions of  the pages that were months out of date because Safari did not revisit the page to get the latest updates. I update the pages constantly throughout the day, so the pages are frequently changing. If this fix does not work, please try using Firefox instead to view the page. That handles caching issues better, and will allow you to see the current updates.

2.) I recommend using a mp3 software player such as WinAmp (for PC users) that allows you to save the downloaded sound files to a playlist where you can quickly compare them easily, and not have to leave the site, nor launch a new window. (You may need to configure your browser to download the sound files rather than launch a new window.) If anyone knows of a Mac equivalent that allows downloads of mp3s directly to a playlist, please let me know, and I will include it here. iTunes will often launch separate windows, and not automatically download, which I find annoying. The design intention of the site is to not have you leave the page, nor launch separate windows. They should simply download to a player, and remain there until you delete them.

3.) This is an older issue that I've not seen in a long time, but I'm including it here for reference: Some people on Windows machines using RealOne or Real Player may have problems playing the sound files because RealOne/Real Player is misinterpreting the .mp3 file extensions as .mpga extensions, and automatically renaming them on download. Thus you get an error that the sound file can't be found. This is a problem with RealPlayer, and not with the sound files on the site. To fix, you'll need to make a simple configuration change to you internet helper applications:

--1.) Launch RealOne/Real Player, go to the tools menu, and select the preferences menu item. In the Category section, select Media Types, and disassociate RealOne with MP3 files, by unchecking the appropriate boxes.

--2.) Launch Windows Media Player, and associate .mp3 files to it by going to the view menu, and selecting Options from the menu. Select the "formats" tab and click the box that says "MP3 Format Sound."

That's it! You're done! If you have any problems, please let me know.

Tony Costello

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