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bosphorus cymbals

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Sound Files

Our sound files are actual recordings of the exact cymbal listed! Every cymbal as it comes in, is recorded in settings that would mimic a buyer's audition procedure at a typical music store. Care is given to focus on the cymbal's sonic qualities, and they are specifically overplayed to highlight their attributes.

The recordings are made with hickory, wood tipped (acorn bead shaped - Vic Firth 8D) sticks.

We'd like your cymbal shopping experience to be an enjoyable one! By offering recordings of the actual cymbal in stock, we'd like to take the guesswork out of mail-order cymbals!

Equipment Used

Recorder: Digital Hard Disk

*No pre or post effects or dynamic processing of any kind has been applied to any of the samples.

Drums used

Sonor SQ2 Birch Medium shells: 10x8, 14x15 FT, 18x14 BD, 14x7.25 Parallel SonorLite Snare

Heads - Toms: Remo Ambassador clear batters, Ambassador resos.
Heads - Kick: Sonor EP Medium clear, Sonor EP medium reso.
Heads - Snare: Remo Renaissance batter, Ambassador snare

All examples recorded and performed by Tony Costello at The Sandbox.
Images and samples are copyright 2003-12, and are for the exclusive use of