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bosphorus cymbals

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Special / Custom orders - UPDATED 2/22/2021

If you don't see what you're looking for here, in many cases, I can either order it, or have it made! The companies listed below have consistently provided excellent custom order service, and I highly recommend going this route, if you have a little patience. Time estimates below are approximate, and represent an average build and combined shipping time. In some cases, delays beyond what's listed below are common. All special / custom orders need to be paid in full at the time of ordering, and can not be cancelled / refunded for any reason. No deposits, no partial payments .Call or email for details. 

Here's how it works:

bosphorus cymbals

If I don't have it in stock, I can have it (or literally whatever you can dream up), made. Special/custom orders from Turkey take anywhere from about 2-8 weeks, but delays are quite common, so it's not unusual for the build time to exceed this, but generally does not.

Bosphorus will accept custom orders for different weights and sizes on most of their current and discontinued cymbal lines, as well as fractional sizes, and just about anything else you might want (within reason). No up-charges. Email me for more details, or with questions, and I'll gladly assist! Please note - there are no returns nor exchanges with any custom ordered cymbal. Let me repeat - no returns nor exchanges. Oh, and before I forget, one more thing - no returns nor exchanges.

***News***  Jan 2019 *** AGOP is now allowing special orders again! There is a small 5% upcharge. These orders are limited to specially requested sizes and weights on any and all non-endorser models. Please email for additional details, and I will help!

****October 2020**** This service has been suspended for the time being. They may resume this later this year (2021) after staffing/manufacturing pressure/operating regulations from the virus is over...stay tuned....

If the model is in stock at Sabian's warehouse, it takes about a week-ish to arrive.

Sabian will accept custom orders for all past and present, current and discontinued models, and designs of your own in any sizes. Generally speaking, if it was once available, or if you have an idea for something (within reason) they'll make it through the "custom shop." Artist models no longer in production (if they are currently still a Sabian artist), are available this was as well. Now, before you get all excited, custom shop pricing is ridiculously obscene (think double, and in some cases more), with wait times of about 3 months. If it's an older model out of production you're looking to recreate, search the used market, or start saving.


Not taking custom orders any longer.