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bosphorus cymbals

Zildjian coming soon!




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 I'd love to see YOUR pics, and I bet others would too, so please send 'em my way!

Here's a couple of photos Craig sent me for the site. WOW!

Restored 1980's Vox (Trixon) hit: 10, 12  & 14: toms, 13" snare and 20" bass drum with 8" PDP add on tom.

Ufip Cymbals: Class Series - 14" Hi-hats, 8, 9 and 11" splashes, 14" samba splash, 16, 17, 18 and 19" crashes and 18" china. Rough Series - 13" hi-hats, 10" splash, 16 and 18" crashes, 18 china and 20" ride + Ufip 6" ice bell :-)

Rune has a mixture of Paistes and Sabians on his kit, and I even see some electronic goodies as well!

My good friend Seppo knows how to make me smile with pics of his new Yamaha kit, (with super-cool shorty toms custom worked by himself - yes, that's true!), all surrounded by Istanbuls.

Ivo sent me a couple of pics of his kits that he'd like to share with you all:
I've got two drum kits: one is a slingerland jazz kit with two sabian duo ride cymbals, and old 14' Zildjian HHats.
Another kit is premier XPK heritage kit, with pre-split Istanbul cymbals, except the hihat, which is post-split Istanbul :-)



Don scored a terrific Gretsch kit recently, and has it all set up with some new Istanbul Agop and Bosphorus turks.

24" Agop Turk Jazz Ride
19" Agop Turk Jazz Ride
18" Agop Turk Crash
14" Bosphorus Turk Dark Hats


The Istanbul Agop splash makes all the other pieces sound better. It's the splash I've been looking for. I wanted the Dave Tough/Don Lamond splash(?) sound as heard on old Woody Herman records. This nails it. It sounds like breaking glass. Thanks, Tony!

Left to right:
A Zildjian 18" medium thin crash, Ludwig Accent 16" floor tom, A Zildjian 20" ride, Percussion Plus 22" bass drum, Pearl oval badge 14" snare in Red Grain Pearl, Ludwig Accent 12" tom, Istanbul Agop 12" trad splash (right hand), really old 15" K Zildjian Constantinople (left hand), 15" UFIP Hi Hats


Here's a pic of the Agop Sultan 20" . . . I'm enjoying it!
Here's what I've gotten from you the last couple of years, I'm enjoying them all!
21" Istanbul Mehmet
20" Istanbul Agop Sultan
19" Bosphorus trad
18" Bosphorus turk
17" Istanbul Mehmet
For hats I'm just using New Beats, but those Meinl custom style 2s sound pretty nice!

Christian writes:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN A MILLION TIMES for the 26" beauty: this cymbal is definitely the most complex and mature one I've ever played, I really LOVE this instrument! So I'm sending you some first pictures of my newborn setup.
The drums BTW are by Starclassic: a special edition set made for display at the Frankfurt Musik Messe some years ago with a 16" bassdrum, 8" & 10" racktoms, a 12" floortom and a matching 12" snare drum. 


David shot this pic of his jasper Fibes kit in amber yellow:

15" Old Istanbul K top/Old A band cymbal bottom,
20" Istanbul Agop Sig 2171g (8 paper fasteners as light rivets)
22" Istanbul Agop Sig 2701g, 21" Istanbul Agop Sig 1610g


Here's a recent pic-

Maybe you could add it to the gallery if you have time.

My 60's 3 ply Gretsch set with Istanbul Traditionals, 20'' Ride 18''
Dark Crash and 20'' Trash Hit
14'' Zildjian Session Custom hats.

Side note:
This kit was found on the street to go into the trash---I lovingly restored it, and it sounds amazing!!



Karl shows off his new setup, complete with Turk hats, Mel Lewis Ride, and Agop Sig ride!

Here's a pic of my set (Sonor SQ2) for your fantastic GALLERY!

Sonor Sq2 (black pearl)
14 * 5.5 20 * 18 8 * 7 10 * 12 * 9 14 * 12 15 * 13
17 K Oriental china; hi hat 13 K; CRASH: Bosphorus Antique 15
k custom dark 16-18; K custom fast 17th
SPLASH Meinl Byzance 8 -, K 10-12
GONG Zildjian 12



Here is my complete set of Istanbul cymbals on the HipGig kit : left-right (14" HiHats; 16" Mehmet Traditional crash; 21" Agop Turk Jazz ride; 6" Mehmet Radiant splash; 22" Agop SE jazz ride; 20" Agop SE jazz flat ride; 20" Mehmet custom "cupless" china (sizzler); 18" Mehmet Traditional 'thin' crash; 6" Saluda V Bell.
HipGig Rick Marotta (white marine pearl) w/ 8" rack tom

Here is the youtube link of the cymbals sound :



Matt's got a great bunch of cymbals here, and I'm loving his choices. He writes:

I just wanted to say thanks again for all the smooth transactions and for helping me to create my empire so here's a picture for your gallery.


Thank you so much on your help with the cymbal. It is beautiful and sounds fantastic!! I look forward to getting more cymbals from you in the future!
I see on the web site you have pics of  people's sets.
Here is a pic of my setup.
14" K dark mastersound bottom
14" K custom top
22" Bosphorus traditional
18" K dark med thin crash
22" Istanbul traditional
20" Paiste 2002
16" K custom



Alain shares this pic of his kit of his self-made kit from Keller shells. Pictured here are some Ks, and K Con, and an Istanbul crash.

Rob is always sending me new pics of his kits, and although he wants me to update them and delete the old, I think they're so unique, I keep adding him again instead!! This time he writes:

Sure to garner mixed reactions is my Whitney Sidekick Penguin Nesting Kit, which is essentially a sit-down cocktail kit. Capping these drums off are my latest acquisitions: 13" Masters Hi-hats, 18" Traditional Medium-Thin Crash, and 20" Traditional Medium-Thin Ride. They're beautiful! Thanks as always search is over, cut me off. I'm done lol"



Here's Pat goin' to town on her kit decked out with some nice Paistes. There's a 24 Giant Beat ride in there somewhere!

Tim sent this pic of his kit where he proudly displays his 14 Mel Lewis Hats, 20 Bosphorus Masters, 22 Agop SE, and 22 New Orleans China.

Thanks Tim!


Hello, Tony
The fantastic Agop Vezir ride arrived yesterday. You are right - that's amazing ride. I like this sound, full of colors.

Here's my setup: (all from cymbalsonly):
SE 13'' Hi-Hat
Alchemy 10'' sizzle bell
12'' Trash hit
Vezir 22'' Jazz ride
SE 16'' Crash
Second Hi-Hat (far right) is an old Agop 14''. I got it about seven years ago from my teacher, and that's the reason, why I choose Agop, and why am I so happy now :)
With best regards, Aivars

Hi Tony
As you can see on the attached pic, I received today the new 17" hybrid crash on the right. Just to the left of it, is the "very" special Dry Ride 21" bought last year from you!
Thank you so much!



Hey Tony!

I took a few pics of my kit setup today featuring the newest
addition: 22" Istanbul Agop Sultan Jazz Ride. It sounds great and looks amazing too. It's a nice compliment to the 21" Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Ride as well. The kit is a mid-70's era Ludwig Vistalite (Clear acrylic): 14" × 24" kick, 9" × 13" tom, 16" × 16"
floor tom. I play a 8" × 14" Brady Jarrah Block snare drum. also new to the setup is the 13" Istanbul Agop Sultan Hi-Hats. Thanks for the great new piece!



Palo from Slovakia says his Sabian Manhattan Jazz Crash is sounding better and better with age, and sent this pic of his kit to share. The kick is an 18x16 made from a Yamaha floor tom, and says it "plays famously."

I attached a picture of my humble Meinl collection so far (with my Zildjian china in the corner being the odd one out hahaha, don't think I could ever part with this one!) and the sand hats set up. :)


I got them today, and will setup them with my drum set and send you a picture soon. Came with very nice packaging box. Hope you can put this on your web pages instead of the cymbals setup : ). Thanks, Andre


For the moment this is what I'm running for the blues trio - 21" HHX Dry Ride, 20" HHX-Plosion Crash, 18" AAX-Plosion Crash, and either the 14" HHX-Celerators or an 18" HHX Evolution over an A Custom Projection crash (ala Steve Jordan/JJ Johnson). Not exactly what I want but it's getting me by.

I'll be eyeing off that Sand Ride next, and maybe a nice 22" K Con... ha-ha it never ends.

Once again thanks for all the help!



Boo's kit is comprised of a numbner of sabians - most of which he "rescued" and repaired. If you look closely, you can see cut out areas on them! Excellent recycling, Boo!



Thanks Tony.  AWESOME cymbal.  It will go well with my others. I can't wait to beat it up a little bit.

Many thanks again.

Hey Tony -

I had my first gig with the band I bought this cymbal for and had so much fun! It was everything I was hoping for. I'm even more excited for the 23" than before. Thought I would send a picture along with saying thanks.



Chris sent me this pic of his current cymbals, and what just might be the smallest bass drum on earth! :)

Hi Tony ~ I Love the CB ride.  It is everything a smokey-late-night-jazz drummer could want. 
Here's a picture of the cymbal and my 28 inch Wilson Bass Drum from 1921.  It still has a calfskin front head but the kick side is modern. 

My perfect hi-hat set up is the bottom bright and crisp traditional Bosphorus that is a bit on the heavy side, topped by the Versa.  What a wonderful sound they make together.


Here's a pic of Cliff's awesome Bubinga Sigs, with an 8" that used to be mine! Cymbals are Sabian DeJohnette's, and I can't help but drool all over this pic!



Here's Craig's new kit, fitted with a selection of VERY shiny Zildjian A's!

Tony - current pic
OM 22" Ride
OM 20" Crash/Ride
14"  Bosphorus Masters Hi-Hats
These are the best cymbals I have ever played!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Tony,

Here's a picture I snapped while I was tracking.

Thanks, Dave


Here's David's Fibes kit, and 24 and 21 Agop signature rides.

Thanks for the pic, David!


Hey Tony,

Here are a couple of pics of my new set with all of your cymbals (+ a couple of others). The drums are 16x20, 8x12, 9x13, 14x14, & 5.5x14. This set sounds pretty nice!

Right to left the cymbals are:

14" Bosphorus Turk Dark Hats
18" Istanbul Agop Turk Crash
8" Sabian AA Splash-China
19" Istanbul Agop Turk Jazz Ride
20" Zildjian K Custom Dry Light Ride
16" Istanbul Agop Turk Crash

Thanks for your advice and all the great cymbals!


The Meinl Byzance Traditionals are amazing for that fat rock sound, and a perfect fit for me and my playing!

- Hihat: 14" Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium
- Ride: 20" Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium
- Crash #1: 18" Meinl Byzance Traditional Thin
- Crash #2: 18" Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium Thin

Big thanks to Tony and CymbalsOnly for the shiny new cymbals :-)



Hi Tony,
I'm sending you this picture: (Agop OM 15" hats, Agop Special Edition Jazz 24",Agop Sig. 24",Yamaha Maple Custom 18,12,14)
In the other picture OM 15" hats,25th anniversary,Sig.24,OM 20"crash and Pearl Master Series Retrospec, Yamaha Copper snare drum)
I hope I could send you in a months another photo with a Sonor S Classix :) and my Agops.
Thank you very much!


Hey Tony,

They are here! The stage hats joined their friends and the moment was ever so touching! =)

Nicely wrapped btw.

kind regards,



Just got a cymbal and have had time to listen. Sounds just great! I'm happy! :)
In spite of my fears shipment came very quickly, thank you for your service and advice.

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the Zildjian KW 22" Bounce Ride that I bought!!
Don't know if you remember, but you played them over the phone, and I bought the one you recommended.  It's awesome.   A drummer friend heard it and said- 'I gotta get one.' 
Here's a photo!
Once again, thanks so much for your help. You da man!
Take care,

Hi -

I don't know if this is interesting, but here's a shot of me with both the Mel Lewis 20" and the Agop 20". Geez how I love these cymbals.


When can cymbals possibly be "not interesting" - ha-ha!!! thanks for the pic! T


Tony, here's my first call set now-- 1996 14" Istanbul Mel Lewis hats, 1965 vintage K Zildjian 18" crash/ride, 1968 16" A Zildjian thin crash, 2009 Bosphorus 21" New Orleans ride, 1972 18" hollow logo 18" A Zildjian thin crash. Drums: pristine condition 1963 Rogers b & b kit with all Jim Petty stainless steel replacement lugs (14x18, 8x12, 14x14, 5x14.

Eat your heart out! Jan


Hi Tony - Here's a kit pic with some of the cymbals I got from you. This is the big kit setup - I never use more than 4 or 5 pieces out in the real world. :)
left to right: 20" Jack DeJohnette China, 22" Artisan Med, 14" KCon Hi-Hats, 22" KCon Med Ride, 18" Meinl Jazz Extra Thin Crash, 20" A Cie Ride, 24" Bos Master Ride, 14" A Fast Crash, 16" A Med Thin Crash, 14" A New Beat Hats, 18" Bos Trad China and a 20" A Med Ride. Thanks to you, and a couple of other people, I have found just about every Bronze Beauty ever dreamed of. 
Thanks for all the Great Work!!

Javier with new cymbals laying it down in the studio. Thanks for the pic!



Hey Tony!

Putting it all to use.  My set up at Tri-Arts production of "Putnam County Spelling Bee", Sharon, Ct. 

Kit includes from left to right: 20" Sultan Pang, 20" Agop Trad. Ride, 16" Agop Trad. Crash, and 13" Bosphorus Antique Hats.  All very sweet!
Check out the Craviotto Mahogany Snare.  Happiness is....
Take Care!

Hi Tony:

Just wanted to share with you the cymbal set up for my kit. From left-to-right:

Bosphorus 14” Versa Hi Hat
Bosphorus 18” Antique Thin Crash
Paiste 18" Crystal Thin Crash
Bosphorus 10” Antique Splash
Bosphorus 22” Antique Thin Ride
Meinl 18” Generation X Signal Crash/Klub Ride
Meinl 22” Byzance Jazz China Ride



Hey T!
Took some pics of my new setups
The first is my jazz setup
Drums are Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute Nouveau
Cymbals are Istanbul Agop
13" Vezir Hats, 20" Special Edition Jazz Ride, 23" Matt Chamberlain Ride (Oh my god!)
20" Signature Flat Ride, 21" Sultan Jazz Ride w 2 rivets, 22" Epoch Ride
The second is my pop/rock setup
Drums are Yamaha Oak Custom with Steve Jordan and Peter Erskine maple snares
Cymbals are Meinl Byzance
14" Vintage Sand Hats, 18" Extra Dry Thin Crash, 8" Trad. Brilliant Splash
10" Extra Dry Thin Splash, 20" Vintage Sand Ride, 16" Extra Dry Thin Crash
8" Trad. Brilliant Splash, 17" Jazz Thin Crash, 20" Extra Dry Thin Crash

Thanks for all!



Tony--received the package today, and immediately took them to a rehearsal. Amazing--the Versa hats really did just kill. My guitar player turned his amp up a few times! Ha! The ride is just great. It crashes, it rides, and when I laid into the edge, I made a giant wall of sound.

Attached is a picture, bird's eye view, of my home/practice set with the new cymbals!



Hey man, here's the maiden voyage of the new bronze. Iowa City Ped Mall Saturday Night Concert with Sarah Cram and the Derelicts. It was awesome.

The only one I didn't get from you is that 21" pre-split Istanbul ride I got fmany years ago.

It's a 50's Gretsch kit, with an Allegra snare. The smallest cymbal is bigger than the largest drum (except the bass drum).





Karl's pics are all over this gallery. :) He sends a new pic with every order. I love 'em Karl - keep 'em coming!! This pic announces his new Agop turk flatty. Also pictured is an Agop sig, a Mel Lewis ride, and Turk hats....he writes: it Tony. Great short decay, fast response and a dry woody ping! It complements the other Agops so well. I also had the opportunity to use it on a gig with my piano trio. Honestly, I couldn't stop playing this beauty! It did a great job when it came to....anything. Versatile pie definitely.



Here's Kjetil kit with some Zildjian A Customs, and a Paiste china.

Thanks a lot for superb cymbals, Tony. I just finished a tour, and I used the cymbals I got from you. I especially love the agop signature series. They are alive and breathing! 
I will come back to you to order some more of them, A crash or a smaller/brighter ride ++

Hi Tony-

Attached is a small picture to put in your gallery, (the drums are Gretsch new classic be bop), and you know the cymbals: 14 Bosphorus Master Hats, 18 Master Vintage Crash, and 22 Master Vintage ride.



Hi Tony

I received the crash on Monday afternoon. I can't tell you how happy I am with it. I made the right decision.

Thank you very, very much again for all your help and impeccable service.

I've attached a little picture to show you it's new home! ;)

I'll keep in touch

All the best!



Hey Tony,

the 15'' Agop Sig Hat is exactly what I needed.
Nicely dark and trashy washy, when played open, crisp when I hit it closed.
And it chicks - a fact I really need.
It rounds up my set up, because you can play anything with from straight ahead to very funky stuff.
Juts what I needed.

On the Photo is my "traditional" set up:

15'' Sig hats
20'' 30th anniversary, 22'' Epoch 22'' SE Jazz Ride



Wow Tony, these hats are great. So much quieter and smoother and my left foot is happy - and I am doing things with the hi hats new and different. They are a perfect match with the 20 flat ride I'd gotten earlier. The 22 is a bit harsher in contrast.
Also, a guy named peter commented on the hats and I sent him your way. :)


Hey Tony-
Here's a pic of my kit:
White Aqua Marine Pearl with black hard ware - have a 20" BD plus 8x7, 12x10 & 16x14.... Cymbals are Bosphorus Turk hats, K Custom LSR, Agop Mel Lewis, and Bosphorus Versa.
Very enjoyable! -Luke

Tony, here I'm sending some pics of my drum for your gallery. This is: CAF drum  '68 (Carlos Alberto Ferrando he was an Argentinian luthier) is made of guatambu wood, a south american wood, very similar to maple, but a little harder. The lugs are Ludwig exact copy. The cymbals are: two Bosphorus master series 20" and 18", a Zildjian K 17" dark thin and Zildjian Avedis 14" Hats.
regards, Manuel


This pic cracks me up every time I see it! :) Thanks for sending it, Marius, and enjoy the new cymbals!!



Hey man, I send you two pictures of my sets: jazz and funk
This one is the jazz set:
-14" hihat Avedis '60 (710g top/ 752g bottom)
-18" Bosphorus Master series flat ride (1309g)
-22" Zildjian CON medium-thin high (2320g/one rivet)
-16" istanbul pre-split crash (992g)
the combination of these sounds is amazing!!!!
the second set (funk set) is:
-14" Avedis '60 hihat
-22" Bosphorus New Orleans (2320g)
-24" Agop SE jazz (2168g)
-20" Zildjian K jazz ride 1985 (1946g)
Thank u 1 more time man and good luck! - Mattia

I was surprised, but also really grateful how quickly the cymbals arrived! I can't wait to try them out tomorrow with the local big band!

Thank you very much. The kit is a Gretsch New Classic. Marvelous kit, sounds like a dream.

Thank you again, and I hope to deal with you again in the future.

Tony- Here's a shot of the K Cons I got from you awhile back.

Kit is Risen Drums 16x20, 8x10, 14x14. Snare is 1961 Ludwig Supraphonic my dad bought in high school.
Hats- 16" K Dark MT Crash bottom with K Con Crash on top. Cymbals L-R: 20" K Con T High, 22" K Con MT Low, 18" K EFX, 20" K Con MT Low.

The 2 K Cons I got from you are fantastic and the hats you paired for me are absolutely stellar! Thanks again!



Hi Tony
The cymbals arrived, and are awesome! They sound very good !
Attached, a pic to say thanks!

Hi -

Here's a pic of my kit for you!

10" 14" 16" 18"
13" Pearl brass piccolo

14" Zildjian K/Z hi-hat
16" Sabian HHX o-zone crash
18" Zildjian K Con crash
21" Zildjian K Custom special dry ride
22" Zildjian K Con Med High



Hi Tony,
 I wanted you to know that the cymbal worked out beautifully... I actually sold the old K I was playing, and replaced it with the cymbal you picked out for me. It is really a remarkable cymbal, a great low volume ride and contrast ride, but crashes about the best to my ear that I have heard... for my playing, it is perfect!

I always said I would send you photos for your gallery as soon as a cymbal I got from you landed in my main set up... and that Bosphorus is now my main left ride and always there... I still have an old K 22 on the right, and a set of old K 15 hats, but the Bosphorus is now their partner...

Thanks again!

Hi Tony,
Here's a pic for you:
Drumset is Canopus RFM 10" 13" 18".
Cymbals are:
Istanbul Agop Sig 14" Hihats
Istanbul Agop Sig 19" Ride
Istanbul turk 10" Splash
Bosphorus turk 10" Splash
Spizz turk 22" Ride
Istanbul turk 16" Crash
I love these cymbals!

Hi T! 
My baby just arrived!
Thanks for all!

Hi Tony!

How are you these days?
I am quite busy with a lot of playing both live and studio sessions, and remembered that I wanted to send you some pictures of my new kit and all of the cymbals I've gotten from you!

I am really pleased with all off the cymbals, and everyone seems to agree with me as well :)

Thanks Tony!

Regards, Nils


Hi Tony,
I have to tell ya, I was waiting for this package like little child, as I hoped that finally I could be able to replace the lifeless paiste 2002. So today I tried them, and they are grrrreat!! 
Exactly what I wanted, dark, but not dead, bright, but not "pingy".
Live with colors, the "chick" sound is great as well as the closed hi-hat position. The open sound is crisp but not too much.
In all great cymbals.
So now officially all my cymbals bought from you, and I know that you love to put pictures of full kits with your cymbals, so attached to this mail is a pic of my set with all the cymbals :)
Thanks! O

Hi Tony -

Many thanks for your excellent service. ;-) Here's the Agop 22" 30th anniversary ride on my kit. What a fantastic cymbal and the only one in DK I'll bet! You can count on me coming back in the future, that's for sure. Best regards, Paul


Hey Tony,
Both cymbals arrived last week and they are phenomenal as usual.  Attached are photos of my Agop and Bosphorus setups for your next gallery page.  Here is a description of each:
13" SE Jazz (672/872 g) - from you
18" M.L. (1409 g) - from you
20" Sig (2185 g)
20" SE Jazz (1762 g)
14" Turk Dark (940/1110 g)
20" Traditonal Thin (1850 g) - yours
22" New Orleans (2380 g) - yours
Next up on the list are 15" hats, 19" crash-ride, and 21" ride
Thank you again, Peter.

Hello Tony!

I'm sending an e-mail for tell you that my cymbal arrived here!!

Here's a picture of my drum kit with the new Turk!

Thanks for while!


The cymbals arrived on Thursday, I had the chance yesterday to take 'em out for a rock rehearsal and a jazz gig; I've thrown in a couple of happy snaps of the pies in action.

In short; I love them. I'd flood you with adjectives but I'm sure you've heard it all before.
Thanks for all your prompt assistance, and consider yourself highly recommended to all my drumming peers.

-Ricki (who's trying so hard to not pull the trigger on another couple of cymbals, already!)
No doubt we'll be talking again soon, ha!

Hi Tony - here is a picture of me with some of the cymbals I’ve purchased from you over the years. It is a nice overhead shot of my vintage Slingerland kit and features your cymbals.




Hey Tony,

Thought you might like a picture of some of the goodies you sent me.



Hey Tony,

I got the cymbals fine, and MAN! they sing. Couldn't be happier.

The Master Vintage ride has *the* jazz ride sound I've been looking for, so great to play and absolutely no dead spots. The crash on it is so dark and lovely as well, and hey, it looks like a winner too. And I managed to convert a friend of mine who was a big Zildjian K Custom fan to Bosphorus with this cymbal as well, so that's a good sign.

The MV hats are similar to the ride, great sound, great to play. The compliment the ride very well and I reckon the top hat sounds great played by itself as a separate cymbal as well. Very happy. The Trad crash rounds off the lot. It has a really nice accented quality to it, and the decay is perfect for how I use it.

I've attached a few pics. Hopefully these'll give you an idea of how great they look, and how well they suit the kit.

Many thanks, you've been a pleasure to deal with,


Hi Tony
As I promised I have pictures for you!
Tama Starclassic Performer B/B DSF :
- GC 20x18"
- TT 10x8"
- TB 14x14"
- CC 14x5.5"
Zildjian K Custom :
- Hi Hat Hybrid 13.25"
- Crash Hybrid 18"
- China Hybrid 19"
- Ride Hybrid 20"
- Ride Left Side Ride 20"
Thanks you for nice transaction, Hope to buy more cymbals from you - Tarik.

Hi Tony!

The big band gig went great, here's a pic of the cymbal in its place! ;-)

Thanks for all!

Here's pic of me taken this past weekend...thought you might like it. Bosphorus Master vintage cymbals and Sonor Blue Sparkle Jungle kit.
Thank you for all!

Hi Tony
Thanks again for the cymbals...they sound Great !!!
I thought to send you a picture about them .... hope you will like it and put it in your gallery.
14'' Manhattan jazz hats
7'' signature sabian Max splash
18'' Istanbul Agop Sig.... 1223g
18'' Istanbul Turk crash... 1237g
20'' Jack de Johnette  Sabian ride
Thanks a lot.
I will be ordering more stuff from you!
take good care!!


Hey Tony! Thank you so much again for all your help. I love my new cymbals! I can't get over how good they sound, especially the dark crash. It's perfect! I wanted to send you some pics of my kit. Hope you enjoy them!



OK, T-bone, here's my Agop list:
13" Sig hats
14" Mel hats
14" Turk hats
8" Trad splash
8" Turk splash
10" Turk splash
10" Turk splash
11" Trad splash
14" Trad thin crash
15" Trad thin crash
16" Trad paperthin crash
16" Turk crash
16" Trad modified crash
17" Trad paperthin crash
18" Turk crash
19" Trad modified crash
20" Sig ride
20" Sult reg ride
21" Special Ed ride
21" Turk reg ride (missing from the picture) 22" Turk jazz ride 22" Sult jazz ride 22" Idris M ride.


Here's my set up... Yamaha stage customs with a pearl 10" tom (black one on left)... 80's Ludwig hammered bronze 14 x 6 1/2" snare (love it!)...


Hi Tony - Here's a quick shot of the new agop setup at the church gig I play at: 15 Agop Turk Hats, 21 Jazz ride, and soon to be added 18 Epoch crash.

Thanks again,

Hey, Tony!
Picked up my cymbals at the post office today!
Just got home from playing four and a half hours straight now, hehe.
I love them! 
Thanks again!!
Took a few pictures for you as well!