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bosphorus cymbals

Zildjian coming soon!




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 I'd love to see YOUR pics, and I bet others would too, so please send 'em my way!
 ***ATTENTION - If you submitted a pic, and do not see them listed among these pages, please resend them to me....I had a hard drive crash, and lost some of them before I could update the pages!! *** 

"In fact I had my doubts about playing other cymbals than my old K's, but
Tony convinced me.
Like the great Mel Lewis said: "They're back!". A million thanks to Tony."

Matthias Kuert, Switzerland


Man, I gotta tell ya -- that Sultan Jazz Ride sounds soooooo good with my 60's-era Gretsch's -- Gotta love those round-badge champagne sparkles.  <smile>.   (I'm lovin them too Kevin!! -t)
Btw, the cym on my left is a vintage 20" A Zildjian I found in NYC for $60 (!) at a used music store.  I put 2 rivets in it and it just sings, baby! --  a perfect complement to the Sultan.  The crash to my right is a 17" K Dark -- very nice too, but I'd like to maybe cop an Istanbul crash to mix with the Sultan.

Paul proudly shows off his new kit and Bosphorus Cymbals. Sans-labeling (I love the clean look!) is a Bos 14 Masters and a 20 Masters. A 21 Antique Original and a 22 Masters (not pictured) rounds out the setup!

Alex displays his set of luscious Empires and Sultans, capped off with a 6" traditional splash. He says, and I quote, "They're fantastic!"

Here's a killer view from the driver's seat of Mike's kit!
Ok, get comfortable- pictured clockwise (left to right):
20 sultan jazz, 14 sultan crash ,13 sultan hat/dynobeat bottom, 10 trad splash, 18 sultan crash, 10 sultan splash, 17 sultan crash, 12 sultan splash, 16 sultan crash, 22 sultan ride, 13 sultan hat /13 K bottom, 12 trad splash, 18 K custom crash, 17 K china.
Yes, in case you're wondering, Mike is also a professional pole-vaulter. :)

Yes, you guessed it! These are custom Tempus drums with gorgeous black hardware. Marty picked up a set of Sultans and Turks to go with them...or was it the other way around???

Steve shows off his new Agops!
Pictured clockwise (bottom to top):
13 Mel Lewis Hats, 18 Mel Lewis 1982 C/R, 20 Agop Signature Ride,
18 Turk China!

Will displays his new tins - a matching set of Agop Signatures!
Pictured clockwise:
13 Signature Hats, 18 Signature Crash, 6 Turk splash, 20 Signature Ride,
20 Turk China, 16 Signature Crash

Alex sent me this great pic of his Bop kit, with some nice bronze displayed! He says:
"The hats and crash are just PERFECT. They're very responsive and seem wonderfully versatile. It's almost bizarre how nicely they groove with the ridiculously thin Sig ride. There's a GREAT quality about them....they're very dry and warm, yet they have just a hint of a high-endness
about them that will cut through a mix really nicely. As for that crash....WOW. I don't think I could imagine a more pleasing cymbal. It's just so....PRETTY. There's absolutely nothing "noisy" about's just warm and musical and soft and...WOW."
13 Agop Sig hats, 18 Bos Masters Crash, 22 Agop Sig ride.

Looking like a Bosphorus ad, Bill calls his cymbal setup a "work in progress." There's a 13 Trad hat, 20 trad flat, 17 trad Med-thin crash and a trad ride pictured here.

Apparently David likes to live dangerously, because he tells me getting this pic wasn't easy due to the fuel tank that's located just behind him! (Yikes!) Displayed here among others is a 16 Agop Turk, 8 trad splash, 15 Alchemy medium crash, 18 Sultan Crash crash, and 21 Agop Turk Ride!

Frank shows off his gorgeous vintage Luddy, and some of his newly acquired 14 and 21 Mel Lewis Agops. Nice kit Frank! - thanks for the pics!

Kav admits his love affair with Turks in this photo (I can't blame him!!). Seen here is a 
Sultan ride, 18 Turk china, 18 Turk Flat Ride, 18 Trash Hit, 8 trad splash, and 16 Turk crash. You can check out his band's website at:

Mario says, "Here is a close up of the 24" Istanbul Agop Signature ride, and also my drum set...The Agop is not only beautiful, but it complements my 22" riveted Bosphorus "The Hammer" ride beautifully...It has great stick definition, and it's as mellow as anything I've ever played...It is everything you said it'd be...Thanks Tony!"
You're very welcome, and thanks for sharing the pic, Mario! Enjoy!

After searching for months to find a replacement for his Agop 8 heavy splash, Rick exclaims with excitement, "Well My 8" Splash has arrived today !!  Just getting home from playing tonight. It sounds GREAT !!!!!!   I Love it !!!  WOW Did I miss it. I don't think that I have ever missed a sound so much before."
Glad I could help Rick! :)

WOW! This photo looks like it came out of a magazine ad - nice job Ren! This super-dark setup is made up of 13 Turk Regular hats, and 19 & 20 Turk Original rides, and look stunning against the green sparkle DWs!

If you look carefully at Bryan's set, you can just make out a Bos Versa flat in among the green-label pre-splits, sig hat, and shiny-new heads. From left to right:
14" Istanbul Signature hats, Istanbul pre-splits in 16"crash, 12" splash, 18" crash, 22" ride, 20" Bosphorus Versa flat, and 17" Pre-split Istanbul crash over top of a Mapex Orion Studio kit. He also adds, "There's nothing quite like playing instruments that inspire you! Thanks again for the great instrument, superb advice, and fast shipping."   - so true, so true.

Jason sent this pic of his set and says, "I also wanted to thank you for all of your help. I'm loving the new setup and these cymbals sound better each time I play them, they are truly outstanding. The setup from left-to-right:

8" Traditional splash
14" Sultan hats
16" Vezir crash/ride
21" Sultan regular ride
18" Sultan crash (btw Wow!)"

Tibo's set consists of 14 Trad hats, 22 Sig, 22 Sultan China and an 8 trad splash. He exclaims, "They sound so great!!"

Oksant would be very proud of Dave's setup, especially that custom made "Frankenstein" hi-hat clutch. :)  Handling the ding-dah-da-ding is a TW and a 20 SE. Excellent!

Dave from England sends me this pic of his set, complete with 16 and 18 Agop Dark crashes. He didn't mention that he had 3 feet? :) Dave, you gotta share how you use those pedals - very interesting arrangement!
Ethan snapped this pic while on a recording session and walked me through the arrangement, "On the left side of the kit, from left to right:
18" K china, 19" turk jazz thin, 1960s 20" K Istanbul
with Agop splash. Right side of kit has from left to right:
20" turk jazz thin, 21" Agop trash-hit, 22" Meinl
dragon china."

Josh shows off his Mastercast Pearl set, complete with alchemy cymbals, and some other brands I've not heard of. :)

"I'm using my new 13" sweet alchemy hats. The 10inch rock alch splash, 8 inch alch splash, as well as 16 and 18" alch rock crashes from the old alchemy
stock. An 18" china, from the K custom series, as well as an old zildjian K ride."


Scott's got a big, gorgeous kit, with cymbals to match! Agop sultans, and Bos Antiques mixed in with some of what he calls, "Evil Meinls," that are targeted for replacement soon! Love the pic, Scott - every time I see it, I think of those huge tom rolls!

Mick sent me a ton of pics of his absolutely stunning kits, but this one was my favorite! He's holding an Agop SE, and the kit is outfitted with Agop Signatures. The green logos nicely match the green stain Ayottes, and I love how it appears the china is balancing on his thumb! Cool trick, bro! :)

John writes:

"The 22" Turk has found a great new home....  It's AWESOME!  It's amazing how articulate it is despite it's thinness.  Plus, because it's so thin, it crashes wonderfully.  It's totally amazing!  I love it.  It's beautiful, too."

On the left is an 18 Antique Jazz C/R.


Tom from the UK takes you through his pies... 

Cymbal set up in pics (r to l):
14" Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats
20" Istanbul Agop Traditional Jazz Ride
20" Bosphorus Traditional Original Ride [yours ;)]
18" Zildjian A Thin Crash

Once again cheers very much for such a wonderful cymbal. I'll certainly be using you again!


While waiting for forever for his cocktail drums to come in, Brad sent me a shot of his current kit. He promises to send another when the Yammys show up! I can't wait to see that!

Demir writes upon receiving his new cymbals:

"I have yet to come across cymbals as musical as these.  I was reluctant to purchase cymbals over the internet, but with the combination of feedback from Tony - based on my tastes in combination with the sound files - allowed me to acquire cymbals that
exceed all expectations. ( 22" Turk Ride, 22" Sultan Jazz Ride, 22" Sultan Flat Ride, 14" Turk Hi-Hats. )."

He also says, pics of the whole set with the latest "add ons," are coming!


Take a careful look at this picture, and notice how it's a composite of 3 separate images....very cool! Jae's setup consists of a 14" N.O. top / Bos Hammer top combo, a 6" Isti Agop Trad splash, and those 17" & 18" Bos Antique Paper Thin crashes. Jae says, "Hopefully with that NO ride you're sending me, I wont need that K Custom Dry Light anymore.  ;)

Tom writes, "Hey Tony.  The hi-hat cymbals came in on Monday.  They
are outstanding.  I've used them on 2 gigs already and
it feels like I've been playing them my whole life.
I've included a pic of my setup for you.  It's my jade
green Ayotte kit with (left to right):  15"
traditional hi hats, 20" Pang Thang prototype, 22"
Masters ride, 21" Masters flat.  I do most of my gigs
with this cymbal setup or some variation thereof.
Thanks again."

You're very welcome, Tom!


This is Darryl's set, (the great guy who supplied the awesome factory Bos pics and videos.) Many of these pictured were selected on that trip. The cymbals are (from left to right) 22" New Orleans ride, 14" NO hats, 10" Trad splash, 20" Hammer ride with 3 rivets, 8" Istanbul, 20" Stanton Moore Pang Thang with 4 rivets, and a 16" NO crash.

My dear friend, Seppo recently sent me this pic of his bronze. Sit down and get comfortable - here's what they all are (l to r):

11" splash
14" thin crash
14" turk hats
8"/10" turk splash stack
19" Mel crash/ride
15" thin crash
22" turk thin jazz ride (lovely!!)
20" Agop sig ride
20" Wuhan china (20 years old)
17" paper thin crash
10" turk splash
On the ground:
14" Mel hats
14" turk custom funk hats
6" heavy splash
18" thin crash
16" dark crash
21" turk reg ride
21" turk jazz ride


Alexander writes:

Hello Tony!

Long time since I ordered these from you, but I thought I could send you some pictures of my kit. Hope you like them.

The cymbals are:
17" traditional crash bosphorus
14" master hihat bosphorus
18" master bosphorus
21" master ride bosphorus
20 ufip natural ride


Andrea from Italy send this nice set pic!

Hi Tony, The cymbals has arrived and it sounds wonderful! Thank you, here's a pic of my cymbals set-up. (left to right) 16" Zildjian KCON crashes as hi hat, 20" Bosphorus Masters Series ride, 21" Bosphorus Masters Series flat ride, 20" Zildjian K pre aged w/six rivets.


Dave (from further up in this list), sends an update of his set:

Hey Tony, New Gallery Shot...I added to the Frankenstein Hi Hat clutch for your enjoyment. (Love it, Dave!!) tc

The cymbals from left to right:

15" pre split stencil light Hats
20" Agop S.E. Jazz Ride 1797gr
22" Agop S.E. T.W. Jazz Ride 2200gr
20.5 Agop 25TH ann 1830 Gr

I picked up a DW drum cradle and put my 16*14 floor tom in as the Bass drum and have the 12*9 up top with the 13*9 and 14*12 as the floor toms.  Still using the Canopus 14*6.5 snare.  All has settled in with the kit...


Dee sent me a couple of great pics, each clad with different metal:

The first consists of various Agop SEs and others, and the second shows of some Bosphorus Stanton Moores - 14 Fat Hats, 20 Wide Ride, and 22 Wide Ride.

I know he's a Bosphorus Turk freak, like myself, so I'm hoping he'll send me one of those as well!!


Heli sends this terrific pic and says:

As promised, Here is a picture Of my drum-kit.

What you see is (from left to right):
-K Custom 14" Special Dry Hi-Hats
-K Custom 16" Dark Crash
-Wuhan 8" Splash
-Istanbul Agop 17" Turk Crash
-Vintage Sabian Ride 20"
-Wuhan 18" China

Thanks Again, The Crash Is Awesome.

You're very welcome! Hey, who says, fences don't like live drums (ha-ha!)... tc


Mark, like myself, is crazy into Bosphorus Masters Turks. He sends this pick of 3 of them (22", 21", and 21" flat) wrapped around a Gretsch Round Badge kit. Beautiful!!

Robert says:

Greetings, here's some pics for you to check out.  They are of my latest set-up, consisting of Pearl ELX.

Here's the following: AGOP-15 custom sig hats, 16 sig crash, 18 sig. crash, Turk 10 splash, 19 sig crash ride custom, 22 trash hit (patina-ed), 19 sig flat ride custom, 18 sig china.
Thanks again for the great friendly service.

You're so welcome! Killer kit! tc


Rocco, (my newly adopted brutha' in bronze) sends me these pics of his Bosphorus Masters and his gorgeous Slingy blue sparkles. Correct me if I'm wrong bro, but pictured here is:

14 Masters Hats, 19 Masters Flat Ride, 19 Masters Ride, and 20 Masters Turk Ride.

Yeah baby!!


Sahba, (fellow Sonor and Bos Turk fanatic), shot me this pic for the gallery. Pictured:

22 Turk Original, 22 Masters Turk Flat, 14 Turk Med Hats, 16 Turk Thin Crash.


Thomas writes:

I can't tell you how happy I've been with my Bosphorus big band  setup.

From left to right: 14" Antique Medium hats (980/1208g), 18" Antique Thin crash (1436g), 22" Antique Light ride (2721g), and 20" 1st generation Stanton Moore Pang Thang (1819g). The drums are late
1960's teardrop Sonors 13/16/20", here with a Ludwig hammered bronze snare.

Thank you very much!

Shaun's gorgeous Bearing Edge kit is complete with an assortment of everything from Bosphorus Turks and New Orleans to a Wuhan gong! He says the girl in the background just happened to be on the wall of the club, but I'm thinking he should bring her everywhere! :)
If you look carefully here, Tom's got just about every Istanbul cymbal line represented: 14 Empire Hats, 19 Mel Lewis CR, 18 Traditional Crash and 10 Splash, 16 Sultan Crash, 25th Ride, and 20 Sizzle Ride!

He says he loves his Istanbuls!

Scott adds great looks, "warm and rich," musical color to his mostly Sabian HHX setup by using a Bosphorus Gold 17"  Power Crash and an 18 Antique Thin Crash.
John has a healthy collection of wonderful Bosphorus pieces. Unfortunately though, his roadie quit the day before this shot was taken.

Sorry, John - couldn't resist... :P

Bob's Corder jazz kit is surrounded by Sabian HH bronze: 14 Hats, 20 Carl Allen Ride, 22 Crash Sizzle Ride, and 19 Med-Thin Crash. He's currently building up a set of Mehmets around a recently acquired 18 Crash Ride. When pressed for comment, the dolls say, "Bob's cymbals sound warm and rich!"
David sends me this pic of his Fibes flanked by some large Istanbul bronze. There's a 24 SE, 22 and 20 Turks, and a 15 old K/A bottom hat!
I think Dave's on a quest to see just how many setups he can get pictured in these-them-thar' gallery.

first is

15 Bos masters hats
20 Bos Masters ride 1595
24 Bos Masters Ride 2414
21 Bos Masters Ride 1930


15 Bos Masters Hats
16 Istanbul Mehmet Crash
22 Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia 2541
17 Istanbul Mehmet Crash

Careful observers will notice the margarita in the first pic to be gone in the second! Dave kindly shared his recipe with me <hic-cup>!

Gustavo sends this picture all the way from Brazil, and writes:

"Here is my Revolution Drum (Luthier Custom Made " BIMBO " ) with my 
set of Istanbul Agop/Mehmet

Right to Left : 14" Matched Hats, 19" Traditional Flat Ride w/2 
rivets, 17" Dark Crash, 20" Original Ride w/3 rivets and 20" SE Jazz Ride. I take this photo in Olivier Resturante, from  Pelourinho Town, Salvador City Bahia Brazil !!! If you like this photo, post in your site !!"

I do! Thanks SO much for sharing it!

Ivan from Australia writes:

I took a pic of my kit with some jazz cymbals for the "happy customers"
section of your website, so here it is :)
The cymbals are:-
14" K Zildjian Hi-hat
20" Agop Mel Lewis 1982 Ride (1928g)
22" Agop Special Edition TW Ride (2515g)
I absolutely love them and they opened a whole new dimension on my set. The cymbals changed my perspective on hand-crafted cymbals, for the better!


OK, it's official - Guys named Mike have the biggest sets. :P Love it, Mike!

OK, Get comfortable, people:

From left to right:
18" Sabian HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash
18" Sabian B8 Pro China
13" Bosphorus Antique Hi-hats
16" Sabian AA Medium Crash
17" Sabian Vault Crash
10" Sabian B8 Pro China
18" Sabian Vault Crash
16" AAX Metal Crash
20" Istanbul Agop Signature China
14" Istanbul Agop/Bosphorus "Trash Hats" - my custom creation
22" Sabian Extra Heavy Ride
8" Alchemy Raw Bell (Istanbul Agop)

Mike (different one that the proceeding pic) sent me a pic of his Late 60's Slingy's with some vintage, and not so vintage bronze to match!

14'' Avedis Zildjian Hi-hats (mid-late 60's)
16'' Avedis Zildjian Crash (same as hi-hats)
18'' Avedis Zildjian Crash/Ride (vintage, too)
21'' Istanbul Agop Sultan Jazz Ride
12'' Wuhan China Splash (inverted over 16'' Crash)
12'' Wuhan Traditional Splash
10'' Wuhan Traditional Splash

Craig from Australia wins the award for the most cowbells. Look closely, and see if you can spot them all! :) Cymbal-wise, in this pic are all Bosphorus Masters: 14, 20 and 22!
Dom's got some great cymbals, as well as a very deep, and unique snare. I love his placement, and maximum use of space! From left to right:

- 14" Zildjian Quickbeat hats
- 8" Istanbul Mehmet Radiant Splash
- 15" Bosphorus Paper Thin Crash
- 8" Paiste Signature Splash
- 10" Istanbul Agop Traditional Splash stacked  upside down on an 8" Wuhan S-Series China Splash
- 6" Zil-Bel
- 16" Bosphorus Paper Thin Crash
- 18" Sabian John Blackwell Jr Jia Signature China
- 21" Istanbul Mehmet Flat Ride

Grant's RMV maple kit features an 18" Bosphorus Turk Crash, and an 18 Istanbul Sultan Crash. There's some uniquely mounted gear here as well! Cool stuff!
Micah's got an awesome look going with those striking heads, set against the deep violet tubs. His cymbals (left to right) are equally nice:

14" mehmet traditional crash
22" mehmet traditional ride
14" mehmet vezir hats
18" mehmet traditional thin crash
17" mehmet traditional thin crash
20" agop sultan ride
18" mehmet traditional medium crash
20" mehmet traditional china

John's kit is simply a stunning piece of art. Handling the main ride duties is a 21" Istanbul Mehmet Sultan's Signature, that he says he'll be playing for a lifetime!
Custom Made Solid Bubinga Stave Drums, Custom Gold Hardware.
14 x 5 1/2 Snare Custom Exotic Maple Burl Segmented
12 x 10 Tom
16 x 18 Floor tom
20 x 16 Bass drum

18 Fast Crash Paiste Signature
18 Full Crash Paiste Signature
17 Fast Crash Paiste Signature
15 Fast Crash Paiste Signature
18 Zildjian China
14 Dark Crisp HH Paiste Signature
22 Istanbul Sultan Ride-Custom (My Favorite Cymbal of all time!!)
8 1/2 Ice Bell
Pictured here is just one of Jose's sets. The detail on the bronze is:

Istanbul Mehmet: 18" Sultan Jazz Ride
                           14" Sultan Hats

Sabian: 20" HHX Stage Ride
            16" HHX Stage Crash
            10" HHX Evolution Splash

Paiste: 14" Full Crash

Wuhan: 12" China

Thanks so much for the pic!!

Michael's set is a drop dead mint '60s Slingy. Man, you should see the additional photos he sent me - wow! All the bronze is Bosphorus masters: 14 hats, 19 and 22 ride, and 18 crash on the far right!
Robert absolutely cracked me up with his description of his set:
"The big china cymbal arrived in fine shape today.  I have attached a picture of my drum kit.
The cymbals: 16, 17 and 18" A custom crashes; 20" A flat ride; 20" A earth ride; 22" Istanbul Agop Turk China; and 14" Istanbul Mehmet Sultan hi-hats.
The drums: 12, 14, 16 and 18" roto-toms; 20" x 18" Ludwig reissue Psycho Red Bass; 13" x 6.5" custom burl maple snare.
The new china is fantastic...such a deep voice. Much nicer than than the smaller sizes most folks use as accent crashes...I can actually do a lot of ride work on this one.  Now if only I can use this power for good instead of evil...
Thanks again for the great cymbals!"

You're very welcome!!!

Daniel sends this photo from Denmark. His set is a Yamaha Stage Custom complete with the following cymbals: 14" Sabian HHX hi-hat, 16" AA Crash, Bosphorus Ride 21", 16" Wuhan China and a 10" Istanbul Alchemy splash. He comments, "I truly love my 21" Bosphorus most. I've added one rivet and it just sounds great. "


Chuck is pictured here with a very rare Pearl set with heads that can be variably tuned like roto-toms. He's playing a 24" Bosphorus Masters Turk and 14" Traditional hats (among other pieces).
John from Ireland, writes:

Tony some pics of my jazz kit as promised, the Bosphorus Trad Light Ride cymbal you picked for me is just great  - thank you so much,  it blends nicely with my Istanbul Agop Trad Ride,  and my Turkish Classic Ride with 2 rivets. I'm also using 13" Turkish Classic Hats. My Premier kit (1978) was originally purple, but I stripped it last year and sanded it down then varnished by hand - 20 coats in all. It came up quite nice, don't you think?

Thanks for the pic! It looks like it was always that color, John - tremendous job!! tc
My friend Ben, here,  has a problem - it's called a called a cymbal addiction, (in his case, Paiste), and somehow, I think all of us looking at these pics can relate!
Colin writes:
So I gathered some pics of my new cymbals. I cannot thank you enough for all your help in the cymbal-selecting process. Although I am only 16, I am very particular in my taste in cymbals... and these went far beyond my expectations! The pictured cymbals are 14" K Custom Dark hats, 17" Antique Bosphorus Crash (med-thin), 21" Bosphorus Traditional ride (med-thin), and a 18" K Custom Dark Crash.  My other cymbals not in the photos are a 20" K Custom Dry Light Ride and a 19" Armand Ride, as well as a 14" Eastsound china and Meinl 8" drumbal.  As you can tell I like to add little things to my kit to make it different, such as the leather seeds on the high hat, the angel glockenspiel, or the miniature steel drum from Barbados.
- Colin
Daniel from Australia just unpacked a shiny-new Sonor kit, and is outfitting it with a Bosphorus New Orleans Hi-Hat, and Masters Turk Ride.
Yep, you might recognize Dave's kit from a previous listing - this is the "all-turk" setup. There's a couple Bos masters Turks, and a Spizz Turk here. I can tell the difference in the photos, can you? :P
Eirik sends me this luscious photo of his Premier kit, complete with some tasty Bosphorus Masters Hats, Masters Crash, Antique Ride, and Sabian China!
Ernesto says, "I was looking for the perfect ride with no success until I could hear the cymbal before buying, at - the greatest cymbal store... To give you an idea,  I've had about 15 rides and this one is the best for me, really!
from left to right:

Zildjian 14 mastersound hi hat, zildjian A custom 8" splash, Paiste signature 17" fast crash, Paiste signature 16" fast crash, Paiste traditional 16" thin crash, Sabian HHX 21" dry ride, Paiste signature 16" thin china.

Yamaha stage custom drums, 10, 12, 14, 16 toms, 14 x 5.5 snare, 22 x 17" bass drum, Mapex M birch series 8" tom

Finn sends this great pic of his kit, along with all the appropriate details:

Cymbals -
14" Agop Signature Hi-hats (alright!)
20" Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride (sounds dull in comparison to everything else, but I need a "clean" ride sound here)
21" Agop Signature Ride (gorgeous, love it still...)
16" Zildjian K Dark Crash Medium-Thin with an 8" A Custom Splash sat on top of it - sounds like a really dry sizzle.
Drums -14x5.5" Ayotte Keplinger Woodhoop snare w/Evans G1 coated head tuned
medium-tight. 18" Yamaha Rydeen bass drum (I kid you not!) with factory Powerstroke-alike head, tuned medium-tight. 10" Yamaha Rydeen tom with Fiberskyn FA, tuned tight and jazzy.
16" Yamaha Recording Custom floor tom with Aquarian American Vintage head, tuned ultra-loose and flappy.


Any of you out there, who's spent time at Berklee, might recognize this room - It's studio 1A, and Jeremy says this pic was taken at about 4AM. (That's some pretty fast sticking at 4AM, my friend!) He says, "Here's a pic of those beautiful Bosses on my DW's.  The sound of those cymbals with my was a match made in heaven!...22" traditional thin ride, 18" masters light crash, 16"traditional thin crash, and a set of 14" traditional light hi-hats....mmm...."
Jeremy writes:
Hi. I finally took some pictures to show you the cymbals you sent me set up on my kit.  I love the sounds.  Thanks again.
Cymbals include:
14 Mel Lewis hats
20 Vezir
22 Vezir
22 swish knocker (until I can hopefully get one of those turks)
Here are my cymbals around my kit, a REMO Gold Crown be-bop kit.  14" Quick
Beat hi-hats, 20" Paiste 404 ride made in Switzerland and with 3 rivets(4
holes), and 20" Zildjian K Light Ride.

...and what I have to say about this cymbal: WOOOOOOW, it is...beautiful! The sound is dark, with great trashy qualities, this great sizzling and sparkling sound. It is thin so this gives me an extra great feel. (I love thin cymbals)
this baby has a real great stick definition, very "woody"...

Through this cymbal I can express my feelings so well!
I think Karl likes his new Mel, but I'm not sure... Ha-ha!! =)

Kids are doing it younger and younger these days....Léon sends me this pic, which, correct me if I'm wrong, has got to be the youngest drummer on earth! Daddy obviously made  nice choice with his Agop Sig ride! :)
Lori has a wonderful setup here, with some really cool, small drum sizes! Among the cymbals are a 22 Masters Turk ride, 20 Masters Turk flat, 19 Armond ride, 17" crash, and a hard to see 10" Bos trad splash, mounted off the bass drum hoop!
Mario sends this pic of his 22 Masters Turk, 18 Versa, and 20 Bos Trad Thin Ride in action...and some very pretty stage lighting!
Fellow Sonor-lover, Pat sent this pic of his gorgeous HiLite, surrounded by some silk-smooth, Jack DeJohnette Sabians. Pat's added one or two more since this pic was taken!! :)
Well, out with the old, and in with the new! Rob  decided to make some changes. Some of the turks went, in favor of Antiques, Masters, and a New Orleans.
Gary must have known how much I like the blue sparkle finishes, so when I got this photo, I nearly died! Here's his setup:

Pearl BRX in Ocean Sparkle (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22x18).

Cymbals: all Bosphorus - 14" versa hi-hats, 16" Gold series fast crash, 18" Versa series fast crash, 20" Turk series ride, and 20" Stanton Moore Pang Thang. These
are amazing cymbals and sound perfect together.

Thanks again for all of
your terrific customer service! - Gary ;-)



Jonathan's  current cymbal set-up is all Sabian: 14" HH Manhattan Groove Hats, 16"
HHXtreme Crash, 17" HH Fierce Crash, 20" Artisan Light Ride, 20" HHX
Manhattan Jazz Ride (2 rivets), 20" AA Raw Ride, 21" JoJo Mayer Fierce Ride.

I'm still waiting for the 13" Prototype Fierce Hats that Tony ordered from
Sabian for me."

Those should be coming soon! tc

I don't know what it is about it, but Ole's picture always puts a smile on my face, so I had to include it here with his kit below.  :)

He says:

I am a 47 years old loyal Paiste-player, and has always been!! The Signature Line has always been “my cymbals”!. No other brand or line has never been in my mind – it is my ears to decide this - And I trust them!!

My setup:

·         Signature Medium 14” Hi-hat (alternative: Signature 14” Sound edge, depending of venue size)

·         Signature 16” Fast Crash

·         Signature 8” and 10” Splash

·         Signature 18” Fast Crash

·         Signature 21” Dry Heavy Ride (alternative: Signature 20” Full Ride)

·         Signature 12” Thin China (alternative: Signature 16” Thin China, depending of venue size)

 I’m playing in a cover-band, playing almost all sorts of genre (blues, rock’n roll, some swing, bossa nova  and and and)

Drumkit: Yamaha Recording Custom with Yamaha Oak Custom bassdrum.




Ian writes, "I just thought I'd send you a picture of one of my kits.  I bought that  22" New Orleans ride from you about 2 years ago and it's PERFECT with my 22" turk flat ride (I bought the turk flat top in 1998 and put rivets in it
2 years later!) I get so many compliments on gigs it's funny!

The drums are starclassic maple 10x8 and 14x14 (20 inch bass drum). The cymbals- 22" New Orleans ride, 22" turk flat top w/rivets, and
13 inch turk hats...all %100 killer!!!!
Bob's kit is a mix of some really great pieces. I know, because I've played them all when he was here!!! Left to right: 14" Grand Masters Hats, 22 Agop Sig, 21 Meinl Custom Jazz Dark Thin Ride, Istanbul Pre-Split Mel Lewis.