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bosphorus cymbals



Agop Signature Rides

Sizes: 19", 20", 21", 22", 23", 24", 26" in thin weight, 22" also in "original medium"
Ultra dark sound, dry stick definition with warm undertones. Mellow crash ride capabilities. Made from a special secret alloy developed by the late Agop, himself, these rides are a special treat, and bear unique serial numbers. Very, very lightly lathed, and possesses a rather flat, unhammered bell. Very complex, dark, and warm. I like to describe them as being "emotional." 
Signature Rides: Weight Thin The original weight that these were produced in.
Signature THIN Rides:

Weight: Extremely-thin:

In my quest for something even thinner, the factory custom makes this series for my shop, in lighter weights that I specify. They are so designated as Signature "THIN" Rides, and bear a "thin" stamp on the back of the ride. Softer, warmer, and mellow, these rides are amazingly controllable, and a dream to play! Quantities of these custom made rides are limited.
Long overdue 2018 UPDATE: This earlier description above was based on the original product literature provided to me by Agop back in 2003. The serial numbering has been dropped at least a decade ago, as has the early "THIN" labeling. I have been told by a reliable source that these are produced alongside all other hand made models using the same casting materials, sharing the same "secret alloy" as all other models. All models except the 22" "Original Medium" are now thins (the earliest versions were much heavier), and quantities are no longer limited.