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bosphorus cymbals



XIST Ion Dark Series

The normal XIST series is either traditionally lathed or brilliant finished. The Ion Darks are neither - they are only hammered (by machine)...and then drilled with a trash/enhancing hole pattern. Close observation will indicate that these what would seem to be a final "lathe" step done with coarse grit sandpaper. I don't know for sure, but that's what it looks like to me. This final lathing is nothing more than just a scratching, so the raw, earthy finish shows through. These are dry, trashy, thin, and in the case of the 19" trash crash, the edge is purposely distorted - similar to the Trash Crashes of the traditional (formerly Special Edition) series. The hi-hats are extremely fast under the foot. I mean almost jarringly fast. Typically a normal 15" hat is on the slower side, in terms of foot feel, but the ion dark hat is so fast, I had to initially adjust to playing it. It responds instantly with no pneumatic effect whatsoever. Come to think of it, all of these are very trashy and quick - decay is very short with all of them. Cymbals with holes are nothing new - we can thank Sabian in what, the 90's(?) for their O-zone crashes (email me if you know), but these new Xist Ion Darks are uniquely very dry, and oh yeah, budget friendly.