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Bosphorus 20th & 25th Anniversary Series

The differences between these may seem subtle, and it's because they are! Mostly lathing - the 20th has the standard lathing, whereas the 25th has what I would call a shallower, "pin-lathing." Although you can't really tell in these photos, the 20th has a darker, almost black patina, whereas the 25th has a lighter brown patina. The 25th has a pretty aggressive overhammering done after the lathing, whereas the 20th does not have this. It's my opinion that with some tweaks, the 25th pretty much became the 1600 era. I could be wrong on this, but without the overhammering, they are quite similar. The 1600 is an overall smoother sound, and as you might expect, the 25th is slightly more trashy with the overhammering.