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bosphorus cymbals

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Bosphorus Antique Rides

Available sizes: 19", 20", 21", 22"
The Antique Series marries the two lathing patterns found on the Traditional Series and the Turk Series to provide the performer with the brilliance of a classic, lathed cymbal and the dryness of a raw, unlathed cymbal. The top side of the cymbal features an unlathed bell and a narrow strip of unlathed cymbal approximately half way between the bell and the edge. The bottom side of the cymbal is completely lathed. The rides express themselves with strong definition and ample but controlled overtones. The partial lathing the crashes a slightly mellowed tone with quick decay. Adventurous best describes the overall character of this series. Artists willing to experiment and take chances will love the many textures available from theses cymbals.
Original (thin) A dark and shimmery cymbal with plenty of overtones and warm, rich stick definition. It has dry, mellow qualities found mainly in older, already played cymbals. Shoulder crashes make the cymbal open up without being overpowering. A great choice for low volume, acoustic settings.
Light Ride (med. thin) Thinner and lower pitched than the Medium ride, the light ride has a soft, bouncy feel. It has a woody, dark ping sound that is complimented by a generous amount of wash. A medium size bell helps control the overtones while allowing the player many crash possibilities.
Medium Ride (med.) The medium ride speaks with a bold, emphasized stick sound and a controlled amount of spread. Thick enough to be played forcefully yet it doesn't sound "gongy" when crashed. The bell sound is bright and clean.
Jazz Crash-Ride (med. heavy) A great multi-purpose cymbal that can be used as a ride in low volume settings and as a powerful crash for louder applications. The ride sound produces a high pitched ping surrounded by warm, dark undertones. The crash explodes into a rich, complex array of sound decaying quickly afterward. Available only in 18".
Sizzle Ride (med. thin) Similar to the original ride, the sizzle ride includes brass rivets around it's perimeter. The dry, velvety quality of the cymbal is complimented by the subtle sustain of the rivets. This cymbal "fills up" the spaces.