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bosphorus cymbals

sonor drums



Bosphorus Black Pearl Rides

Sizes: 19"-28"
The Black Pearls are basically a cymbal that's been made twice. They've been completely lathed, then re-fired, and re-hammered, and then undergo some top-secret process involving stuff I can't even pronounce. What results is a darkened patina, that contributes to the warm, dark, semi-dry, and earthy tone. These are basically a further continuation of the Master series, tonally positioned somewhere in-between the clean toned, normal Masters, and the dry, articulate Master Vintage. Kind of a marriage of the two, so to speak. If you closely at the surface, you can see evidence of the lathing, under the second hammering. Pretty cool.
The rides have nice stick definition, great crashability, and a warm tone with a tiny bit of bite. Maybe you could call it a little bit of crispness, but not so much to make them cold - they're still very warm and rich, but there is a small amount of juicy attack that you don't have in the same way with the Master Vintage, which are drier, and even more earthy. They crash like a dream, even in the slightly heavier weights.