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bosphorus cymbals



Bosphorus Blank Flex Series

The wavy edge and surface finish of these cymbals are pretty distinctive. The "crashes" are very flexible, with a dry, smooth tone, not unlike a china, but far less penetrating. It's smoother, richer, and even lightly rideable. Instead of being entirely in your face like a china, they are more mellow and warm, without the penetrating mids. The wash doesn't build and overcome. It stays in the background like a dull roar. These have a trashy roar, that's musical and wonderful when used the right way. Slightly different tones can be had depending on which "wave" you ride on. Larger waves are low pitched and low volume. You can really feather the volume on this, which is 100x easier to do than on a china. I'm gonna say it - I absolutely loathe chinas - but I love these!
The "bells" - different animal entirely. They're more like a dull thuddy, heavy, cowbell-esque, effects cymbal. They share a similar wavy edge, but it does not at all wobble like the crashes. It's thick and heavy - more industrial, without the metallic highs. Think thuddy. They look cool as all get out....the bell diameter itself is about 9". The wavy flange is entirely irregular, and I'm not completely sure how the size is actually determined as no two are anything alike!