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bosphorus cymbals

sonor drums



Bosphorus Black Pearl Crash

Sizes: 16", 18"
The Black Pearls are basically a cymbal that's been made twice. They've been completely lathed, then re-fired, and re-hammered, and then undergo some top-secret process involving stuff I can't even pronounce. What results is a darkened patina, that contributes to the warm, dark, semi-dry, and earthy tone. These are basically a further continuation of the Master series, tonally positioned somewhere in-between the clean toned, normal Masters, and the dry, articulate Master Vintage. Kind of a marriage of the two, so to speak. If you closely at the surface, you can see evidence of the lathing, under the second hammering. Pretty cool.
The crashes have a quick decay, quick attack, with a semi-dry tone, with a soft stick response. They not a loud cymbal - they're quite mellow and rich, and ride lightly, very well!