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Bosphorus Custom Turk Series

Many years ago back when I first started this business in 2003, I would occasionally order a Turk series cymbal, (which is supposed to be entirely unlathed), and I would get something that would appear to have ghosted lathing under the hammering. Apparently these were cymbals, for whatever reason, were hammered and lathed, then refired and rehammered over the first hammering and lathing. They were dry like a normal turk, but had just a little more wash. I absolutely loved them, and would describe what I had received in order to get more, because I only ever would get a few of them like this a year. I dubbed them "Phoenix" because they were essentially made twice, and that is how I referred to them on orders. Later, this whole concept was turned into the Black Pearl series, with the addition of a special patina. These however, do not have the patina, and are exactly like the old ones I would ask for. So, these are a fully lathed cymbal that has been refired, and rehammered. You can see the ghost lathing underneath the 2nd firing, and rehammering. Excellent stuff, and still one of my personal favorites. Available in all sizes, weights, styles.