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bosphorus cymbals

sonor drums



Bosphorus New Orleans Hi-Hats

Sizes: 14"
A line of cymbals that is truly in a class by themselves. Evoking the spirit of the crescent city, this line of cymbals is at home behind a jazz kit or it can take the pounding of a blues or funk gig. The cymbal is hammered in the "Turk" tradition and then lathed in a continuous spiral from bell to outer edge. This method produces a dry yet open sound with smoky lows, clear mids, and a taste of high notes. It also produces a warm, trashy overtone that is sure to delight the ears.
Hi-Hats (light) A very light weight hi-hat that plays very light, however, can open up when played aggressively. The hats have a natural dark sound and a crisp and dry "chick". A perfect jazz hi hat pair for the vintage crowd.