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bosphorus cymbals



Bosphorus Wide Ride

Available sizes: 20", 22"

The tops are traditionally lathed with warm tonal grooves, while the bottoms are lathed with the distinctive wider ridges associated with the Bosphorus New Orleans series. The sound is semi-raw and smooth, musical and extremely funky. these are more mellow than they are loud, which is great for many styles. The rides have great warmth, but plenty of stick definition. The hats are dark, but can really cut. The Trash Crash features uneven wobbly edges and deeply hammered pockets on the playing surface. The sound is trashy, as the name implies, but warm enough to ride on. The Pang Thang has flanged edges for mellow crashes with plenty of low end wash.

Bosphorus Stanton Moore Wide Ride Cymbals
Bosphorus Stanton Moore Wide Ride Cymbals