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bosphorus cymbals

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Bosphorus Traditional Hi-Hats

Sizes: 13", 14"
These instruments reflect the famous history of Turkish cymbal making at its finest. They also represent the widest collection of sounds in the Bosphorus catalog. Cymbals from this series are diverse enough to be used in delicate symphonic situations and aggressive enough to be played in arena rock concerts. Their sounds can range from dark, delicate, and complex to bright, sharp, and penetrating. Regardless of their setting, these cymbals will inspire the player to maximize his creative output and further expand his musical endeavors. The Traditional Series prides itself on allowing the performer to customize his cymbal setup with a generous selections of different models, sizes, and weights. Find your voice, then customize it.
Regular Hi-Hat (thin) Lighter and lower pitched than the light hi-hat, these cymbals are good for many different low volume applications. They combine an earthy, musical chick with a defined, tight stick sound. The open/closed sound speaks with minimal effort.
Light Hi-Hat (med. thin) Full-bodied and strong, the regular hi hat is slightly heavier than the regular hi hat series. A heavier bottom cymbal makes the overall appearance brighter yet the open/closed sound is deep and raspy. These cymbals respond equally well in most all situations.
Medium Hi-Hat (med.) Clean, versatile hi-hats that allow the player to bend between acoustic and amplified situations. Being slightly heavier, the stick sound is bright and cutting and the half open sound projects with ease. When called upon they also respond quickly and articulately to intricate, light stick and foot patterns.