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bosphorus cymbals

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Bosphorus Traditional Rides

Available sizes: 19", 20", 21", 22", 24"
These instruments reflect the famous history of Turkish cymbal making at its finest. They also represent the widest collection of sounds in the Bosphorus catalog. Cymbals from this series are diverse enough to be used in delicate symphonic situations and aggressive enough to be played in arena rock concerts. Their sounds can range from dark, delicate, and complex to bright, sharp, and penetrating. Regardless of their setting, these cymbals will inspire the player to maximize his creative output and further expand his musical endeavors. The Traditional Series prides itself on allowing the performer to customize his cymbal setup with a generous selections of different models, sizes, and weights. Find your voice, then customize it.
Original (thin) A silvery, transparent cymbal laden with tradition. A smaller bell allows velvety wash while retaining smooth, articulate stick sounds. A cushion of sound emanates when crashed and decays quickly without losing focus. Very similar to sounds heard in the 60's and 70's.
Light Ride (med. thin) A sharp, clean ride that spreads generously when played. Thinner and lower pitched than the ride, the light ride combines rich harmonics with precise ping and controllable crashes.
Medium Ride (med.) With fewer overtones, this cymbal's bright and lively ping shines even in the hands of heavy players. A large bell also provides sharp accents and funky ride patterns.
Jazz Crash-Ride (med. heavy) Pretty, light ride patterns and strong, heavy crashes are both possible from this cymbal. A smaller bell allows excellent stick definition without unwanted wash while retaining the characteristic properties of a crash. Extremely versatile. Available only in 18".
Sizzle Ride Similar to the Original ride, this cymbal has brass rivets around its circumference for extra sustain. Along with the sizzle effect, the rivets are complemented by warm, flowing undertones and clean, airy stick sounds. A perfect choice for acoustic combo work.