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bosphorus cymbals

sonor drums



Bosphorus Turk Effects Crashes

Sizes: 16", 17", 18"
Style: 6 or 18 holes
I have been screaming for crashes like this for a long while. Guys who know me, know how much I love thin turks, and these are killin'. They take a thin turk crash, and massacre it with either 6 or 18 holes. The tone on the 6 hole versions is dark, trashy, warm, and mellow, with a nice amount of "normal" crash tone mixed in. The 18 hole versions get even trashier, and less predictable in terms of tone. Ultra-trashy, super-fast, and punchy. These aren't very loud - they're tastefully mellow, and um, I need to find more room on my kit!! Maybe I could somehow justify a kit with just these on it?? :)