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bosphorus cymbals

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Bosphorus Turk Hi-Hats

Sizes: 13", 14"
Visually striking and aurally awesome the Turk Series is characterized by its dry, earthy sound and controlled array of overtones. The unlathed body of the cymbal also makes a nice visual contrast to the shiny, polished surface regularly found on traditionally lathed cymbals. This series speaks with an attitude and can be used as a primary voice or an augmentation in an existing setup--the possibilities are unlimited. Heavier models are raw with plenty of volume and are suitable for much of today's modern music. Lighter models are exotic, dry and very easy to control. They can be an integral part of acoustic music and lightly amplified situations. Eight Turk rides are available as well as six different hi hat choices.
Regular Hi-Hat (thin) Light and warm hi-hats. Excellent for low volume situations, where delicate, beautiful response is required.
Light Hi-Hat (med. thin) Slightly brighter than the Regular hi-hat model, the light hi-hats produce a full-bodied chick and a lively, clean stick sound. Excellent for medium and low volume playing situations.
Medium Hi-Hat (med.) A well rounded pair of hi-hats featuring a slightly heavier than normal bottom cymbal. More powerful than the Light hi-hat, these cymbals also produce a brighter tone when struck with a stick or played with the foot. A full, musical wash appears when the cymbals are played half open.