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bosphorus cymbals

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Bosphorus Turk Rides

Available sizes: 19", 20", 21", 22"
Visually striking and aurally awesome the Turk Series is characterized by its dry, earthy sound and controlled array of overtones. The unlathed body of the cymbal also makes a nice visual contrast to the shiny, polished surface regularly found on traditionally lathed cymbals. This series speaks with an attitude and can be used as a primary voice or an augmentation in an existing setup--the possibilities are unlimited. Heavier models are raw with plenty of volume and are suitable for much of today's modern music. Lighter models are exotic, dry and very easy to control. They can be an integral part of acoustic music and lightly amplified situations. Eight Turk rides are available as well as six different hi hat choices.
Original (thin) Unlike most unlathed cymbals, the original ride has a distinct shimmering quality. It has a slightly smaller bell than the other Turk rides and is somewhat higher in pitch than the Light ride. A wonderfully sweet sounding cymbal that would fit nicely in low volume, acoustic settings.
Light Ride (med. thin) A lush ride with a deep, rich ping. Excellent definition yet flexible enough to be lightly crashed without overpowering an acoustic setting. A cushiony wash cradles the stick sound with mellow, breathy air.
Medium Ride (med.) A good all purpose dry ride. Lower pitched than the Ride, the medium produces a clean, silky ping sound than is centered among a rich underwash. The bell is earthy yet clear. Great for most any application.
Sizzle Ride (med. thin) Brass rivets compliment this cymbal's earthy character making it a truly unique sound texture. The dry always present ping is adorned with lush, shimmering sustain.