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bosphorus cymbals

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Bosphorus 14 Versa Hi-Hats

Available sizes: 14"
Designed by award winning drummer Ignacio Berroa, this series adds a new flavor to our palate of sounds. Ignacio numerous contributions to the American Music Scene have earned him a place along a very selective group of artists known to have set new musical trends in the 20th Century. Jazz legend Dizzy Gillepsie best defined Ignacio as "...the only Latin drummer in the world, in the history of American Music that knows both worlds; his native Afro-Cuban as well as Jazz...". As the name of his line of Versa Cymbals implies, this series is designed to be as versatile as "Iggy" himself.
These 14" cymbals offer an extremely unique feature - un-lathed/ and lathed on the stick side, which makes them have the ability of being possibly the most versatile set of Hi-Hat cymbals offered today. This design gives the musician the tremendous advantage of a few more possibilities from the stick sound than any fully lathed or fully un-lathed cymbal.
The underside of both top and bottom cymbals are fully lathed, which  is what accounts for the INCREDIBLY musical stick sound. If you want to have a pinch higher definition from the stick, just play the stick on the un-lathed part of the cymbal. Playing the stick on the lathed part of the cymbal accounts for more than enough definition and a WARM musical sizzle you have dreamed of forever.
These are beefy enough for any type of music. Ignacio's playing ranges from burning Latin ensembles, to the softest of jazz trio's. Played softly, the Versas respond warm, and very clear. If you are 
"slammin' " these hats will give you musicality and projection. When you play these in any setting you'll hear the versatility. These hats feature a musical, warm, accurate and yet cutting chick from the foot, and if you want them to ROCK; these hats can take a heavy pounding and yet give you a very musical sound!!! (Thank goodness --- the usual "CLANGY-NESS" characteristic of most multi-purpose hi-hats is not present here.)
From Zepplin to Bill Evans; from Nashville to Symphony Hall; from B.B. King to Basie;  from Usher to Mariah; these Versa Hi-Hats have all the music covered.