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bosphorus cymbals

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Welcome to!

A bit about us and why we're here:

I've been a drummer for more than 29 years. I'm a '93 drum set performance major graduate from Berklee College of Music in Boston, and have been on a seemingly endless quest for the perfect cymbals. I bet you've been too!

Let me first say that I love playing drums. I love cymbals. It has been a lifelong search for me to obtain the perfect equipment. In a small town, it's difficult to audition cymbals - especially ones from specialty manufacturers. I became enamored with Istanbuls many years ago when I went to music college in Boston. These discs were amazing, but were still hard to find.

I wanted to become a dealer so that I could increase my exposure, and try out as many as I liked. Picking and choosing as I bought and sold. Since I also enjoy sharing what I've learned with other drummers, I thought it would be a great idea to record sound examples as inventory came in.

By posting my stock and sounds on a website, I hope to offer to you what was so hard for me to obtain. Each example is a recording of the actual cymbal listed, not a representative sample. Since every hand made cymbal has its own voice, approaching a website in this regard is time consuming, but you as a prospective buyer can easily dismiss or accept models with more confidence!

I focus on the highest end cymbals available, with a rather large emphasis placed on specific Turkish companies, namely Bosphorus and Istanbul Agop. I feel these are the best cymbals currently on the market. Other pieces are also available, just not listed on the site, so give me a shout if you're interested in anything you don't see.

CymbalsOnly is a 100% authorized dealer for all products sold within these pages (and for many more products not listed).

*The recordings are made with the highest attention to detail, and although very representative of the cymbal's actual sound, as you can imagine, variations between speaker systems and output devices will color their sound. Your room, your sticks, your playing style will also play a role, but I do my best to ensure these differences are minimized. The recordings are intended to serve as a guide to make a selection. (Listening through headphones gives the most accurate reproduction.)