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bosphorus cymbals

sonor drums



Istanbul Agop Traditional Rides

Available sizes: 19"-24"
Original Thin 19, 20, 21, 22 "Dry and mellow. Good stick definition with low overtones." These are wonderful, wonderful rides for jazz, especially when made very thin!
Jazz Med-thin 20, 21, 22 "Dark, warm and traditional."
Dark Med-thin 20, 21, 22, 24 "Warm stick responses. Full-bodied, ultra dark and complex sound."
Medium Medium 20, 21, 22 "An all-purpose, full-bodied ride. Rich sounds, full stick definition and medium spread with a clear bell."
Heavy Heavy 20, 21, 22 "Clean and definite stick response with a clear ping."
Sizzle Med-Heavy 20 "Shimmering and clean. Soft sizzles produce different colors for playing."
Mini Cup Med-thin 20, 21 "Warm and dry tones. Medium spreading with a clean small bell."